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Case of Success #1


Terry Proto

Founder & CEO, Ubereal

"It's Actually Hard To Keep Up With All The Messages."


"If You Are Not Taking Care Of Your Market,
Your Competitor Will."

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"I love this program. I'm becoming a reseller now and offering it to others."

Jonathan Sellers

Owner - SparkOutbound

Industry: Sales Outsourcing


"Super big thanks to you! I just got social selling machine and my calendar is full of new leads."

Jonathan Schlossberg

Owner - Guud Marketing

Industry: Digital Marketing


"The leads I contact are expecting my call or email and are the type of leads I am looking for to grow my business."

Michael Lutchenkov

Owner - Magnum Capital LLC

Industry: Financial Services


"SocialSellingMachine has been my best decision this year! There have been many updates to continuously improve it."

Andy Stewart

Owner - Neural Marketer LLC

Industry: Digital Marketing


"This program is the best prospecting tool that I never found. It's fully outsourced and so powerful."

Mitch Montrose

Owner - Montrose Associates

Industry: Engineering


"You made the prospecting task so simple. I just received your email notifications with the phone number of the lead."

Donna Hamlin

CEO - BoardWise

Industry: Management Consulting


"Wow. I just signed up and I received 3 emails from leads. I am blown away. Thanks for being so awesome."

Robin Coady Smith

Founder - Privatus CI3O Services

Industry: Professional Coaching

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Success Story

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"Value The Relationship More Than The Quota."

Case of Success #2


Jeff Mills

Founder & CEO, Trafficmills

"Need to pause it. Our sales team is overwhelmed."


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* We can provide the social profile and email for 100% of your leads. But we can't guarentee the phone number of each one.